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 To my reader
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To my Reader    
Due to appeared somehow suddenly in our life tiny doggy I had need for some time to come off all books and sketches from a history of St.-Petersburg Polytechnical university, infinite because of an abundance of the loud names which have brought glory to the Russian science.
So there were these sketches which sometime who knows, probably, and will develop in something more serious.

How many myself I remember, near to me any animals, birds or fishes always lived. In the early childhood to me they were bought by my grandfather Alexander Terentjevich Leljavin. As a rule, it was in the autumn, and in the spring we with the grandfather of them released. So at us wintered siskin, a hare and fiber. When I have grown up, there were little fish, mice, hamsters and porpoises. But the biggest place in my heart until recently was occupied with cats.
In my life were two cats. Mars, black with a white asterisk on a breast, for one year was younger than me and my first children's memoirs are connected to him. Strangely enough, me year was all, but I remember, how mum (a name of my mum Nadezda, but the grandfather with the grandmother and all relatives called her Nana together with me went for a kitten. It was almost right after arrival from evacuation as soon as mum was employed. After decades I have reminded her of this episode. Mum hasnt believed me. Until I havent resulted her in an entrance of a house on which ground floor she has once taken a kitten for the small daughter.
The cat was domestic and my favourite. In the childhood I turned him in a blanket and carried on rooms as a doll, and he suffered all. Once, already at solid age for him, he has dropped from a fur-tree and has broken very skillfully made small glass teapot and I have slightly knocked of him.
Never can I forgive to myself of it.
Him did not begin, when to me were fourteen and a half of years. There was it in the summer when I had a rest behind city. In June at me brother Sasha and his father, my stepfather has appeared, has lulled completely healthy cat under any inconceivable pretext.
The second cat has appeared already in my adult life when to our children, Stephan and Daniel, there were accordingly 12 and 10 years. This history is pleased entertaining. I have taken him at the request of sons in a department of supply of our institute. So his parents, it is possible to tell, were polytechnic, and so, from scientific brotherhood. The three-week kitten, by definition of the owner, was the kitty. Boys have already disassembled. And though I not so would like to take a cat, I nevertheless havent dared to refuse mother was a bit too beautiful very fluffy and surprisingly beautiful smoky color. The kitty was in her. Well, the girl, so the girl
It is necessary to tell, that at this history, as well as at any another, there is a background. The last summer we with Vasily Stepanovich, my husband, having sent children in our institute pioneer camp, two weeks had a rest in Southern camp our institute, that under Tuapse. There we also have got acquainted with passionate lover cats, which vein with us in one tent. We had enough time to familiarize with her unusual hobby: she selected homeless cats, accustomed them as she spoke, to culture, and attached already cultivated well-groomed animals in good hands.
Therefore, took kittens, I have been determined to train in his rules of behaviour of the brought up cat. Having brought him home on Friday after work, I all the evening long have stayed near to him that in a corridor, in a toilet at a toilet bowl in which he very quietly fell asleep as soon as there it appeared. I had a hard time all the evening long and having spat on this employment, for the night I have left his one in a corridor and have gone to sleep. Tired from unreasonable for small excitements, he has overslept all the night long and when has woken up; I at once have attributed him in a toilet and have set in a toilet bowl. And since then all of 16 years of his life we did not know any efforts.
We have named kitten Natusja, or Tusja, named employees of the husband.
In couple of months Natusja somehow has imperceptibly turned in black with white socks, a breast and a speck on a nose of a sleek-haired cat of breed English domestic.The name obviously did not correspond to a floor and he should be changed. So we Tusja have turned in Tusick, or Tusemon (derivative of all of the same Natusja).
The cat has lived the life happily. Anyway, I on it hope. Year for two his end we with the husband have realized, that all three we understand each other. Probably, it was something like telepathic communication, but it is necessary to recognize, he us understood much better, than we him.
Loss of a cat, as well as other losses in the life, I have transferred very hardly. And till now I can not recollect it without tears. I know, that it is pure egoism, that in such situations you regret first of all yourself left, lonely and unfortunate, but make I can nothing. As well as I can not learn to leave!
"Kysja" from Vladimir Kunin I read already after Tusemon did not begin. Also has very much regretted, that on ignorance did not use all opportunities given to us for high-grade dialogue with a cat. Kunin has opened for me a door in completely unknown world and has induced to continue searches books which could result me in dialogue with animals.
At that moment it was that is necessary. I am absolute óâåðåíà that dialogue probably and, moreover, is accessible to everyone thirsting for him, is simple we about it we know of nothing. All history of our civilization developed so, that the mankind initially possessing it and other, not less wonderful, gifts, in the development has lost many abilities, and one-sided formation with his denying everything that does not give in to a "materialistic" explanation, and has at all covered all doors in the world of the nature, having taken away or, that basically the same, having closed for the majority of knowledge of a universe.
However sewed in a bag, the proverb, not hide speaks. Devoted remained always, and last decades this knowledge gradually began to come back to people.
By then, about which there is a speech, I already knew something and besides has passed training at a seminar on management of consciousness on method Hose Silva. This method allows completely unprepared person to expand opportunities of the consciousness for short time and to learn to use powerful specialized technics for development of abilities to catch and analyze such physical, power and emotional sensations which the person who was not past special training, simply isnt capable to apprehend. Due to mastering by the perfect technical equipment of a relaxation, the person gets access in so-called the fourth measurement where an opportunity to take advantage of the additional information and knowledge has, having shown considered still more recently supernatural abilities.
There is in this method an exercise which trains in mental carry to life and a body of other essences including for definition of anomalies of development of animals and their updating on distance.
In a word, I was full of optimism and belief in the future.
In the meantime my relatives, sympathizing with my grief on a left cat, did attempts to persuade me to take a kitten. But I could not and present near to myself other cat. At the same time the sensation of loneliness was so great, that once I have suggested the husband to buy a small kitten of breed the Leningrad sphinx, have phoned with owner and have resulted in her house of my husband. This breed differs from all cats: absolutely naked, long-legged and with the big ears, externally they are absolutely not similar to cats.
However that has involved in these cats of me, at all was not pleasant to the husband. And we have left to not come back any more.
After half-year we have got a dog. But it is other history.
By then, as we have decided to get a dog, at our children two years of veins fine French bulldog Richard and their natural desire was to see at us a dog of the same breed. Nevertheless, on mature reflection we have understood, that our characters and a quiet way of life do not correspond to temperament of the Frenchmen a little and have stopped on the English bulldog.
Children, accustomed with our desire, have decided to present us of the puppy by day of ours almost the general with the husband of a birth. But as this day was still far, we had time not once to think and understand, that to us to not pull such large serious dog. Then we began to be interested in other breeds. So it has turned out, that, reading about dogs of fine breeds and badly representing as this or that looks, we have decided to pick up to ourselves a dog on properties of character and have stopped on chihuahua.
At all not imagining this breed externally, I have called from the newspaper "Chance" and casually the first bell have got on the head of breed to T.V. Veselova. Same has subdued me love and fidelity to this breed. Unfortunately, during that moment of puppies at her was not. Then by phones I have chosen owner, which lives so near to the underground what to not arrive to it her, to look puppies, it would be inexcusable. Not losing time, we have gone and have been fascinated with dogs. Desire immediately to get the puppy was invincible and, return at home, I have again phoned to Tatyana Viktorovna to receive advice of the expert. Till now we wanted to buy the girl, however she has convinced us to get the boy.
As at Tatyana Egorovna, cynologist already familiar to us, free girls were not, I have asked the help for T.V.Veselova, having handed over our future in her hands. A week later under her recommendation we have arrived to owner of bitch with a name the Nympha and have taken the puppy. The father tiny doggy is dog from Italy. His parents are champions of Italy. He is long-haired, purple-red with white a handsome man the prize-winner of set of exhibitions, the champion of Russia.
So on January, 25 at us the Tiara has appeared. Her full name is Tiara Maya. She was born on October, 27, 2000.
In Petersburg still it isnt enough dogs of this breed. Efforts with them practically are not present. In the size they are smaller cats (especially boys which weight should be near 1,5 - 2 kg), in meal are not whimsical, eat very little, to walk with them as with cats, it isnt necessary the size of an apartment for them enough for maintenance of normal health, they go, as cats, to a toilet.
These are very strong, hardy, brave, gentle, counterbalanced creations. They are extraordinary quick-witted, observant and clean. Besides they isnt "pugs" who bark at the elephant. They are very sensitive, graceful and mobile. Very highly jump. This breed as experts mark, has completely inexplicable qualities, any special contacts to the person. Presumably, it connect that they directly are connected to space through not growing ðîäíè÷îê which is a distinctive attribute and it is inherent only in this breed. Such sensation, that they are able to read ideas. Anyway, they correctly guess, when their presence is desirable, and when it is better to keep from the owners far away. Chihuahua do not train, and bring up, as they surprisingly easily understand the owner.
In a word, this doggy is a gift of destiny. Probably, for someone such words will seem blasphemous. But I, never earlier former "dog lover", with the responsibility declare that it so. As cats of breed the Petersburg sphinx is more likely similar to dogs, and chihuahua resembles small children, than on the relatives more. And our Tiara isnt exception. Straw with a white-coloured bottom, black eyes and nose, short-haired, she the miracle is simple. It is possible to tell, both the good girl, and the excellent, and simply a beauty. At her the counterbalanced, quiet character and good temperament.
With her occurrence in the house the proof sensation of pleasure was established. I can not tell, that in our family up to the Tiara the pleasure was absent, but such dozes what it is received from dialogue with her, we and could not imagine. Full impression, that in the house all the favourite baby again has appeared. This kiddy forces to recollect with anything not comparable sensation of happiness and rest, when near to you your long-awaited child, in which all your life.

This episode from our life doggy to five and a half of months which has caused desire to not pass by similar amusing or instructive histories, has taken place on April, 16.
The night is after Easter. 4 hours. I have woken up from rustle in a corridor. I have listened. Rustle went from a toilet of the Tiara. Again falling asleep, has thought: well done.
After any time rustle has repeated. It was unusual. Usually the Tiara rose at night no more an once. I have listened. Rustle proceeded. Then was heard light tramp of feet the Tiara coming back in bed. I was disturbed her secondary for short term with visiting of a toilet. Would not be ill! However she, indifferently, dart under a blanket and there and then lean to me all body.
Has passed some minutes and again rustle in a toilet. At the same time, I feel small body of Tiara, stand close to my back. Strange! Has risen on an elbow and began to listen attentively. Tiara has woken up and has run out in a corridor.
She has returned quickly and has led itself absolutely unusually for night. Has first of all run up to me and lick in lips. Then get into the bed at me on a head also it began to be washed. And only after that has got to me under a blanket and has borrowed the favourite position. Through a pair of minutes rustle was distributed again, and I have woken the husband. Having risen and get out in a corridor, he has found out that the strong wind has opened leaky closed window leaf on kitchen, and with a draft moved a paper on a tray of the Tiara. It is necessary to tell, that is usual, if my husband or I rise, she wakes up and waits, when we shall return, now continued to sleep quietly under a blanket and in any way did not show the anxiety or curiosity.
As always, the explanation appeared the most simple. The pleasure from behaviour of the Tiara which at once became clear was with anything not comparable. Such small and brave, she descended in a corridor, has found out, that there is no danger, and has come us to calm. And only after that has gone to bed!
This story, at first sight, does not concern to "dog". However it isnt so. The case has fallen to me. And there was this event in the evening on May, 22 on faculty of museology at University of culture, that on the Battlefield in Saint Petersburg. Once in this high school which then referred to as Library institute, Nikolay Stepanovich Lebedev is the expert on Byzantium and my granduncle managed faculty of a history.
The case stood in the middle of a room, short partly from the letter "L" fencing off among other small room in a corner of faculty where the small round table could be placed only, yes two chairs half pushed under it. On a table there was an electric teapot, and usually tired cathedral ladies and mans in breaks between employment sidewise by turns sat down to it to talk about high matters or domestic efforts and to warm the souls and hands.
To case was somewhere about 20 years. Up to the top filled with student's abstracts, it took an outstanding place on faculty and, undoubtedly, was proud of it. The bogatyr of two-meter growth, graceful and beautiful, it could not and assume, that after successful protection of my thesis for a doctor's degree by the colleague from Syktyvkar and the subsequent behind it of a banquet two decent old men will fall in embraces directly to it. A case which and in a banquet of participation did not accept and to see an event could not, as has been revolved to a celebratory table by blind side, hasnt sustained. Emotions have overflowed it, and it has silently fallen. It fallen directly on me. Fortunately or by a lucky chance, my angel - keeper also did not accept participation in a banquet and has forced me during necessary moment to bend down a head. Otherwise this story would not be.
So, the case the top edge has flatwise fallen to me to a back, and we have remained with it in private. When it fell, time for me, probably, was slowed down. And though all occured quickly and silently, somehow, though stood a back to it, edge of an eye I nevertheless have seen a case falling on me, but to make anything could not any more as was squeeze on the one hand cases, and from others acting territory of a round table and a chair at a wall.
The case was very heavy, and to take off it from me was uneasy. Therefore while searched for students and a little some person removed it from my back, I and stood white, as a snow, a caryatid, carefully supporting cathedral property.
The destiny resulted me in this hour per this place should recognize, that, did to me marks, to not understand which, basically, it was impossible, but I obstinate continued to go towards to her counter to all to her warnings.
And there was all this so. On the eve I for the first time this year have visited on a summer residence. Weather was crude and rainy, and we with the Tiara have a little caught cold both. Protection you will not postpone, and as I considered the debt to help the colleague and to prepare for a table has been compelled to prevent from working the employee (that day it was very difficult) that she has sat at my place with my puppy. That has arrived to me with significant delay, and I, having reached to underground "Chernyshevskaya", all road, and it is kilometer three, has run to have time to protection. So I appeared in that educational institution and on that faculty.
Further events developed as follows.        
Painful shock and an idea: everything, the backbone is broken. When have removed, at last, a case and I could be moved, the hope has appeared, what not all is lost and, probably, it only strong impact.
In hospital to go with another's, as a matter of fact, people I have refused, and me have pushed in a taxi. The poor boy carried me as a bag with crystal wine glasses, for what I am extremely grateful to him.
Tiara, having seen me, at once has understood, that with me something is unsuccessful, has become silent and only tried to nestle on me.
Since then has passed already the little more than two weeks. Time the Tiara almost eats nothing all this, lays on me and frequently licks my person. As soon as the husband starts massage, her behaviour varies. She immediately jumps up, is arranged at me on a neck and starts to lick with all force a nose, ears and eyes, all kind showing, that it is better than her doctor in this house isnt present. And if he makes massage by the device or ointment, is instantly thrown on him and starts to swear and bite, so to him to have to close her in other room or on kitchen.
So we also live. Later 15 days on X-ray photography have found out crisis of six bottom edges with a separation from a backbone, a crack and any splinter in a loins-sacrum department. Speak everything that happens, to the best.
Can, and the truth, is better.
The fear before unexplored was always very great. It not only causes the strongest damage to development of a science, but also subjects to condemnation people owning similar knowledge. Anyway, so was until recently, and the history knows many this of examples. The result is sad: about this day of clever, educated people literally by force it is necessary to drag to concepts in which long time was not allowed to trust them.
Therefore I begin this story with words of gratitude to people which, in my opinion, have brought in completely invaluable contribution to attraction of attention of associates to the world of unexplored.
It is Edward Naumov, one of the very first and most known popular writers (certainly, I have in a kind Russia) unusual natural phenomena. And it is Yuna Davytashvyly, great and unsurpassed. She of the first in all voice has declared, not time proving it on the performance and seminars, that so-called extraordinary ability not a miracle, not destiny of singles, and natural to all children of the nature the phenomenon. And seize him anyone who knows about its existence who aspires to self-improvement can and puts to this known efforts.
There are people which own these abilities since a birth. There are at whom they are shown to a greater or lesser extent, but not capable are not present and cannot be. It as the voice, a range of possession which is very great: from full dumbness (it already illness) up to the most magnificent samples of singing art.
I should recollect here and the teachers. It is Tamyla Petrovna, the psychic from Tashkent, shown to me, on what the person openheartedly, always ready to help another is capable one of the first. It is Yuna, with readiness giving the knowledge, Yuna which not to one person has helped to open opportunities concealed in him for the time being. And it, undoubtedly, Victor Candida, the organizer and the inspirer of International educational-medical center "Candida", the person who the first in Leningrad has organized rates on training, and is more true on perfection ýêñòðàñåíñîðíûõ than abilities.
The history of my occurrence on these rates both is unusual, and natural.
1990. April. I am going to have some business trip to Tashkent.
Has come it is time to buy the ticket, but I have been borrowed (on last Monday in institute, as always, passed session of the Academic council) and have asked to make it the younger son, having given him a catalogue card on which has written the nameplate data and date of a start, and money. Advice has ended late. I not at once have recollected houses the ticket and only before dream have paid to him attention and was horrified. The ticket has been written out on flight which took off in two hours. As could admit the cashier such oversight, I do not understand. Has urgently called in the airport, but to make something was already late. The ticket has handed over in cash department next day.
To buy the ticket it was necessary all the same. In Tashkent at me it is a lot of friends and for me waited, but in connection with loss of money it was necessary to wait salaries. Doubts, that trip will be pleasant, at me and could not be, as suddenly whence there was and increase every day an unwillingness to go. All this was more than strange and so unusual, that I not time discussed it with mine relatives. Later still any time I was called by the girlfriend and, knowing my interest to parapsychology, has told, that heard the announcement of a set on rates of psychics. When she has informed: where, when and how many, my interest at once was gone, and I have answered, that it is unreal.
There came the end of May, it was necessary to solve the problem on trip urgently. Last afternoon purchases of the ticket were Monday.
On the days off we already went on a summer residence, but on that Friday there were houses, having postponed trip for early morning in the evening. I felt like very much tired, early, that to me absolutely unusually, has gone to bed and has fallen asleep.
The husband watched TV, as suddenly his attention has involved the announcement which as he considered, could be interesting to me. He has woken me, and I have listened once again to that already knew from the girlfriend. Having told everything, that could, I have fallen asleep.
We have lead two days on a summer residence. On Monday early in the morning, as always, I was on work. And suddenly, it is completely unexpected for itself, has developed mad activity on searches of these rates. Has phoned and has found out, that employment begins next day, and it will be possible to bring in money tomorrow before the beginning. Urgently, in accounts department, has taken on credit money (and to me have gone towards this strange request!) and the next morning already was on rates, which distances to me of knowledge and skills in such areas of which earlier I could not and dream. V. Candida who trained under the own program of controlled meditative auto-training, and other experts invited by him as teachers, have learned us to apply in work SC, NLP, hypnosis and many other things.
Now, after more than ten years, I understand what to pass these rates to me it was necessary, therefore and circumstances developed so, instead of differently.
And what strange firstly it seemed me own unwillingness to go to Tashkent!
Who searches, that will always find! In searches of techniques with which help it would be possible to learn to understand animals, me there was Arthur Majers's book Dialogue with animals, ratified my escalating desire to comprehend unknown and supported in this aspiration.
So, I already knew that animals of us understand, and knowledge and experience in the field of diagnostics and healings, undoubtedly, could be useful to veterinaries in their hard work with dumb patients.
And still for me it was much more important and is to listen to animals that it is better to understand them and whenever possible to help, or even to not make senseless, from their point of view, acts. To regret, but to high-grade conversation even with a close animal I am not capable yet. And it would be desirable! Fortunately, the confidence that will be possible to join consciousness of animals does not leave me.
It appears, in the USA already second ten years develops movement on an establishment of spiritual communication between people and animals and a number of persons communicating as they can be named is carried out with training seminars for all comers. I could not establish, whether something is done similar in Russia. It is possible, because our country has lead long time was closed and people communicating, are afraid to admit it to not pass for outsiders.
To me this fear is unknown for that simple reason, that I think myself the person holding and besides I treat number of people convinced, that knowledge should be shared. Especially in areas about which the majority of people also does not suspect and if something such and heard, as a rule, it was presented under a veil something mysterious and impossible for the usual person.
I think, that people are worthy to know, that our abilities practically are not limited, and that we of much cannot, because we do not know, that it in general is possible. The person lives on the Earth not one: he divides a planet with plants, stones, and animal. And comprehension of an opportunity to join this world will make life of each of us the finer.
Now, something, at last, varies in consciousness, and more and more people start to realize the unity with other displays of the nature. Probably, all of us again are on the verge of telepathic dialogue. Also it is necessary so a little to listen to the internal voice more often. To not speak itself, that it is impossible, because it can be never. It is necessary to understand simply, that all is possible, and that everyone at desire can feel and understand another.
Everyone can recollect something such of the childhood or a youth when to him there was something similar.
As also is language of subjects of wildlife. I do not speak about animals as, I think, to communicate it is possible not only with cats or dogs. And this language telepathic can be taught, as learn all over the world foreign languages. And it is possible as at us all life and with the dictionary. There has come time to learn to apply telepathy in daily life, and preparation for development of telepathic dialogue training of ability can begin to listen to the interlocutor. Auscultation demands known patience, concentration of attention and skill to trust the first impression.
Our animals have it to the full. So, they always know where their owner and that makes. Everyone collided that his cat or a dog beforehand approaches to a door when still nothing foretells arrival of the owner. I remember, in the childhood my cat Mars took seat at a door on a ladder when the grandfather just approached to the house, and we lived on the fourth floor of an ancient house on the Vasiljevsky island of Leningrad. Always it surprised us. What forced him so to act, if not knowledge?
I know animals come in this world to learn us to love, understanding, and responsiveness. Frequently they incur our pain, our stresses, and illnesses to help us... Also leave, leaving us a little bit others, more open, intimate and compassionate.
When we choose to ourselves an animal we think, that it so. Actually, more likely the animal chooses us. Behaviour of the Tiara is one more acknowledgement to this.
About it speak as circumstance of her, undoubtedly, not casual occurrence in our family about what already it was told earlier, and how she has led herself in the new house. It is known, that some nights whimper are usual puppies the first, experiencing absence of mum and feeling fear before a unfamiliar place where nothing has native a smell. Tiara, in my opinion, at all did not test fear when we, very for a long time, with changes, carried her in the bosom home, and only twisted a head, getting accustomed and listening. At home firstly I for a long time did not lower her from hands, and by the evening she has already looked round, has accustomed and is completely quiet óëåãëàñü to sleep in the small house. I was arranged on the next sofa to look after her. Tiara quickly has fallen asleep, the truth, in the middle of night has woken up, has left a small house, has approached to me and, having seen, that I on a place, have again fallen asleep. Never neither this night, nor the next days she hasnt had a little cry.
It seems to me, she has apprehended our house the at once. I had sensation that she experiences. She as though also should not get used to new conditions. She behaved so as if has lead all small life near to me.
As catastrophically we underestimate them and as it is impossible we overestimate ourselves! Our animals so well understand us that sometimes becomes not on itself. They do not need to learn language; they own him since a birth.
When we discuss an animal at his presence as though in a room there isnthing, except for furniture we make extremely rough act, same how, for example, to speak about the child at him as if him here isnt present. I absolutely agree in it with Nedda Vitals, communicating from the USA, and an episode from life of the Tiara as it is impossible by the way confirms it.
One of last purchases in my life is acquaintance with Ingeborg Georgievna Renskaya, or simply Inga Georgievna. To me is carries on meetings with good and besides not ordinary people. Inga Georgievna is bright to a volume an example. The physicist with a scientific degree, in the considerable years she shows genuine interest to life and continues to study. She is very vigorous, shapely figure, originally beautiful and extremely sympathetic woman. Completely giving, despite of improbable employment, to everyone requiring in her help, she considers, that has lived day all for nothing if not has made something worth.
Inga Georgievna has met our Tiara in the first days of her occurrence in us. Tiara has apprehended her at once as old kind familiar and every time at a meeting is pleased to her arrival completely genuinely.
Our doggy hasnt left Inga Georgievna indifferent. Coming to us, she frequently brings any titbit to the Tiara.
Once, having met and it is a lot of having played enough, both of them sat in an armchair at a coffee table. My husband with whom Inga Georgievna discussed any question which isnt having the attitudes to animals on the contrary sat. I listened. Suddenly Inga Georgievna, addressing to the husband, speaks, that, most likely, at the Tiara interest to her not absolutely disinterested.
Also what you think? Our doggies, sitting near to Inga Georgievna and expecting for continuation of games, at these words immediately in a pointed manner turned away from her a head. Anybody from us, attend at this stage, did not have doubts, that she has taken offence. It was the first and while, fortunately, last display of insult at our dog.
One more episode which it would be desirable to recollect, it would be possible to name so: Tiara is confused.
There was it in the early morning. I have called the Tiara on kitchen, but she did not respond. Until I havent looked searches in anything did not result, anyway, under a low sofa where she never got earlier. First I was frightened: whether was ill? Then I began to call up. Through a pair of minutes the Tiara began to get out from under a sofa and how she thus got out hardly probable not on a stomach, doing hilarious grimaces, twisting a head and drawing in that one other paw, has suggested an idea to me, that she has made something inadmissible, and obviously inadvertently, and sorry.
For what I have found out only by the evening.

Ladies and Sirs!

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